HACCP – Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points

HACCP - Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points

Product Details:

The norms and guidelines mentioned as part of Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points ( HACCP ) adopt scientific perspective to determine the risk associated with the consumption of any edible item. This standard aims to regulate or deal with possible hazards of food to ensure health safety of clients. The HACCP is acknowledged for its global standard and its objective is to encourage organizations to take required measurements to improve their production procedures for the safety of consumer or customer.The standard of HACCP is implemented to all sorts of establishments whatever their location, product type, nature of work and size are. This standard is applied for organizations like food manufacturer, packaging, primary producers, cleaning agents, equipment manufacturers, food ingredient producers and other industries belong to food sector.

Why is certification good for my business?

  • This certificate helps to reduce project cost of an organization
  • It helps to avert adulteration in food.
  • It ensures safety of edible products as per the industry specified standard.
  • This certificate denotes the adherence of an organization with industry specified rules.
  • It upgrades the quality of produced food.
  • It enables production unit of an organization to adopt systematic measures to ensure safety of produced edible products.
  • It helps to maintain harmony and integrity among employees and raises their performance level.
  • It serves as legal procedure in order to maintain safety of food.

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